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Architectural Standards Committee (ASC)

The Architectural Standards Committee (ASC) is made up of homeowners within Orange Shoals Neighborhood. The Orange Shoals Neighborhood Covenants have granted the ASC discretionary powers regarding the aesthetic impact of design, construction and development including architectural style, colors, textures, materials, landscaping, and overall impact on surrounding properties.

It is not the intent of the ASC to impose a uniform appearance within Orange Shoals, nor to discourage creativity on the behalf of the homeowners. Its intent is to promote and assure that all improvements are aesthetically compatible and reflect the image of a Greenbelt community and in doing so help to maintain property values within the neighborhood. During the plan review process, the ASC intends to be fair, impartial and understanding of individual goals.

Residents are required to submit a request for architectural change to the ASC to review and approve, prior to making outdoor amendments to their home and landscape, per the covenants. Changes made without prior approval by the ASC are subject to warnings and fines from the HOA. Changes must be in keeping with the covenants and the Architectural Design Standards Document (ADSP). Both can be found in the files section of the HOA Yahoo Group. To join the HOA Yahoo Group, email your name and street address to 

Join the ASC 

Want to have more say in the aesthetics of our neighborhood? Would you like to volunteer some time to make a difference? Please contact any Orange Shoals Board member or any ASC member and let them know that you would like to volunteer for the Architectural Standards Committee. Committee terms are for one (1) year but positions do come open from time to time that need to be filled. Email: 

Email complete paper form here
(No longer accepting applications via the green HOA mailbox)