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Orange Shoals is located in Canton, Georgia, at the foothills of the Applachian Mountains, in the equestrian area of eastern Cherokee County. 
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Macedonia Elementary
Creekland Middle School
Creekview High School 

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Our History

The concept for Orange Shoals was developed entirely around the vision of the Greenbelt. Having seen what developers did to his family farm, Chaunkee Venable knew there had to be a better way. He dreamed of a neighborhood in which residents live within nature rather than destroy her.

As a child he and his sister and friends had played on the property that is now Orange Shoals. His vision was to preserve the land and build a community within nature. In laying out the plan for Orange Shoals he fought to protect the dozen or so natural springs on this lovely piece of property and carefully laid out the streets, lots, and common areas so that every resident literally has a 100-acre trail system right out their back door.

Chaunkee’s dream is a reality. As stewards of the Greenbelt, the residents of Orange Shoals are carrying forward that dream. Chaunkee’s sister Elaine worked hand-in-hand with him in mapping out the trails. With Chaunkee no longer with us, she relayed his vision which provides us clear direction in our guidelines for maintaining the trails here in Orange Shoals in as natural a state as possible.

"The concept of what we hoped our Greenbelt would be: A natural wooded place for all to be in harmony with nature and for the children to discover what nature is all about.  It was not meant to be a park but a flowing trail that we could share with deer and other wildlife. The trees and undergrowth provide shade and habitat for all the critters of Orange Shoals and we are lucky enough to have plants that hardly grow elsewhere. Lady Slippers, Jack in the pulpit, Ginseng to mention a few. If we use heavy equipment and change the lay of the land such fragile plant life will be lost forever. A project with adults and children working together with little change to the land is the idea we had at the beginning. Brush can be piled for birds to nest in. Fallen trees can be moved out of trail and left to rot back to the earth is the way we hoped it would be. Please let <the trail committee> lead you all to the way Chaunkee dreamed it.
Thanks Elaine, Chunk's sister and original trail blazer"